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2015-2016 Residence Hall Assignment:
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Additional Information

Please tell us what about the Academic Peer Mentor position interests you the most:

What activities or organizations have you participated in as a Ball State student , and explain how they have enabled you to develop skills for the Academic Peer Mentor position?


Please list any leadership positions you have held at Ball State or other institutions:

Please describe any event planning or organizing experience you have:

What academic or extra-curricular involvements (clubs, organizations, etc.) do you plan to be active in next year? Will any take a portion of your personal time:


Please rank in first order of preference (1-12) the living-learning communities you would like to work with:

Advanced Transfer
Early and Elementary Education
Emerging Media
Social Sciences
Theatre and Dance

Please share why you are most interested in the top three communities below:


Please provide the name, address, phone number, and email address for two references from previous or current employers or Ball State faculty or staff (Do not include the names of undergraduate students.):

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