Application for Careers in Housing Positions

At Ball State University, you'll find everything you need for a professional, academic experience. The Office of Housing and Residence Life is highly committed to providing an excellent learning environment for students and a meaningful career for you.

You must complete the following on-line information form in its entirety to be considered for a position.

Note: Candidates for the assistant residence hall director and resident manager positions must submit a complete application packet before January 15, 2014, to be considered for interviews.

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  • Please list the recruitment conferences you are registered to attend this year (i.e., OPE, NASPA Placement Exchange, Ball State Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education Visit and Interview Day):

    OPE (February 28-March 2, 2014)
    NASPA Placement Exchange (March 13-16, 2014)
    Ball State Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education Visit and Interview Day (February 22, 2014)

    Please note: Residence hall director candidates will only be interviewed at the NASPA Placement Exchange. Also, if you are planning to apply for the assistant residence hall director and/or resident manager position(s) and plan to attend both the OPE conference and BSU Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education Visit and Interview Day, please only register to be interviewed at the OPE conference.


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Applicants who are applying for the positions of Assistant Residence Hall Director or Resident Manager must also complete the following:

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By submitting this application, I affirm that all of the information provided to Ball State University in this application is honest, and that misstatements of qualifications or experiences could be grounds for termination of employment. In addition, I am aware that background and reference checks may be part of the application process.