Resident Assistant Application
Housing and Residence Life 

Note to Applicants: Before applying for this position, 
please consider the following:

You must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA at time of application to be considered. 

(When completing the application, please use the tab key (not the enter key) to complete each requested data field.) 

Application Deadline for Academic Year Positions: 5 p.m., January 13.

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Number of Semesters Completed 
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Number of Credit Hours Completed (include present semester): (Completion of 28 credit hours required prior to beginning of employment.)
Anticipated Graduation Date (month/year):
Cumulative GPA: (You must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application to be considered.)
GPA from Last Completed Semester:

Will you be participating in an 
internship or student teaching during the 2014-2015 Academic Year?:

No                     Yes

When (semester/year)?:

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

No                     Yes

If yes, please explain:

Have you completed the EDHI 200 class or are currently enrolled?: (Applicants who will have completed the class prior to beginning  employment will be given preference.)
No                  Yes

If yes, when did you complete (semester/year)?:

Have you lived in a residence hall?:
No                     Yes

If yes, which halls and dates?:

Please list your previous work experience, beginning with the most recent:

Please list clubs, organizations, groups, etc. in which you have been actively involved:


Please describe your co-curricular and academic commitments for the next year:


Please list five words your floor community members would use to describe you:


The following information is used to aid in placement of newly hired Resident Assistants only and has no bearing on an applicant's candidacy:

Will you be at least 21 years of age by August 1, 2014?

No                     Yes

Are you:

Male                  Female

As you may be aware, Ball State offers several Living-Learning Communities for students to link their academic and residence hall experiences. In addition, there are several theme communities that students choose. Do you have an interest in being placed in any of the following Living-Learning Communities? (Please check all that may apply.)

* Please note: Supplying your interest in a community does not guarantee placement in a particular community.

Business (for students pursuing degrees in the Miller College of Business)
Communication (for students pursuing degrees in the College of Communication, Information, and Media)
Design (for students pursuing degrees in interior design)
Discover (for students exploring majors, minors, and careers at Ball State)
Early and Elementary Education (for students pursuing degrees in early or elementary education)
Emerging Media (for students interested in new technology and media initiatives)
Honors (for students accepted into the Honors College)
International (for students interested in learning about world cultures and global issues)

Languages (for students pursuing degrees in modern languages)
Nursing (for students pursuing nursing degrees)
Social Science (for students pursuing degrees in criminal justice and criminology, psychology, sociology, political science, or related degrees)
STEM (for students pursuing
science, technology, pre-engineering, and math majors)
SURF (for students who wish to focus on living a healthy and active lifestyle)
Transfer (for transfer students)


Please respond to the following questions.

Self Evaluation: From the list below, please select TWO areas in which you need the most development and explain your choice. Then select TWO areas in which you are most capable and explain your choice.

  • Verbal/Non-verbal Communication 

  • Open-Mindedness

  • Time Management/Stress Management

  • Knowledge of BSU Campus and Resources

  • Ability to Work with Others

  • Presentation Abilities

  • Listening Skills

  • Facilitating Discussions


Each year, RAs are asked to introduce themselves to their residents. Please compose a concise paragraph that includes a personal introduction (including your major and interests), description of the RA role, goals for the year, and expectations of your residents.



To the best of my knowledge, the information submitted above is accurate.

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Ball State University is an equal opportunity employer.