Office of Housing and Residence Life

Summer Resident Assistant and Summer Assistant Application

Please complete and submit this application to the Office of Housing and Residence Life 
by noon, February 1, 2013

*Applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA and must be in good standing judicially with Ball State University to be considered for any summer staff position.
Late applications will not be considered. 

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(You may apply for multiple positions, but will only be hired for one position.)

Summer Assistant         

Summer Resident Assistant 

Summer Assistant Applicants: May 14 through August 3

Summer RA Applicants: May 7 through August 12 (Time off for Summer RAs is contingent upon RA expectations regarding duty and other responsibilities)

Are you anticipating  any significant time off this summer? If so, how long? (If applying for a RA position, you MUST be available for both summer sessions):


Summer Assistant Candidates Only: As an SA, you have the option to enroll in summer classes. Will you utilize this option while employed in this position? If yes, which summer session do you plan to take classes and how many credit hours per summer session will you be enrolled?

Summer RA Candidates Only: As an RA, you will be required to enroll in classes both summer sessions. Are you willing to complete this requirement? If yes, how many credit hours do you anticipate enrolling in for each summer session?


Summer SA Candidates Only (Summer RAs cannot be employed outside of the RA position).: Do you plan to pursue additional employment this summer (on or off campus)?: (NOTE: The Summer Assistant position takes priority over any other job and hours need to be arranged so that they do not compete with assigned responsibilities.)

No          Yes


Have you ever been employed by Housing and Residence Life?:

No                     Yes


If yes, where and what position(s) did you hold during the academic year and/or summer?:


Have you applied or do you anticipate working for Housing and Residence Life during Fall 2013?:
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If yes, in what position?:


Please list your previous work experiences, beginning with the most recent.

Describe how these work experiences have prepared you for the Summer RA or Summer Assistant position:
I understand providing false information by me in this application could be cause for rejection as an applicant or dismissal from my position if hired.

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Ball State University is an equal opportunity employer.